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Regarding the effect of additional money fortune to Ku Healing.

Hi all,

Thank you for the application of Ku Healing.

We can add four kinds of Hado(vibration) to the basic remote Ku Healing.

Let me please introduce a feedback from who added “金運(economic fortune) 😀

(If there’s anything you are unclear on this blog and online shop, please feel free to contact me.)

Life with an invisible world -salary and extra buck-

March. 20 2016

My husband work decreased suddenly on last November, and his salary decreased by about 917 USD.

He was told that he should think this situation would continue for about six months, and he was thinking it would be hard as he needed money for the end of the year. Usually I don’t mind money issue, but my husband was worried about it every day, so I was felling heavy.

(Though I am fine. Old myself would be sick because of it)


I was wondering if I should quit Ku Healing for December, but he said: You will meet various people on December, so you had better take it”

I agreed it, and when I applied for it “Economic fortune” came into view.

I thought that I didn’t have enough money, but let’s apply for it, and I did it.

Then, in middle of December he was saying that no work, but suddenly he had an urgent job come up, and his salary returned to a former state!!


Then, I added economic fortune to the healing for January and February, and he got extra buck, for about 1834 USD!!

I was talking with my husband that Maaya was great!! Thank you so much!!


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 20 2016