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Maaya is an exorcist ? (o^―^o) part 1

Yesterday I watched a TV show I had recorded on February.

Actually, previously I was talking to my partner that TV is the entrance for ghost and now PC is the entrance, too.

(Therefore, I attached Hado arranging card to TV and PC, and deal with the cards in MV online shop, though the card for TV hasn’t been released yet)


The TV show was matching our discussion 🙂

The story was about a person who was poured evil energy ( energy of a demon) through PC by black magic (necromancy)…

Maaya: Yes, right, it is a usual event.

It is normal story for me, because I sense various Hado(information) from TV, internet, email and so on…

Therefore, I don’t read others’ blogs and I limit using internet to a necessity minimum.
Readers of my blogs may read various blogs, so please be careful about the point.

(Especially who love unseen world as spiritualism, 霊界 Reikai(Japanese 霊 Rei world), 神界 Shinkai( Japanese 神Shin world), fortune-tell, magical spell, memorial services for ancestors and so on had better be careful, because such people are defenseless)


A specialist in the study of occult in TV show said that

“It seems that demon (evil energy) is delivered by converting into electromagnetic or high frequency”.


When I heard the comment, I said that

“Yes, it is true. That’s why I sell MV card for PC, mobile PC and switchboard. (I created MV card for TV and router for my house, too)”

Well, one day, words a person said expanded demons (the powers of darkness) and it increased exorcist’s job, and I saw that’s intention and penetrated the seamy side.

Those  beings have no interest in leading human being’s consciousness to the true world , the true high dimensional space at all.

Those beings…

(I am talking to myself)


To be continued

From Maaya’s blog on May 13 2012