Maaya is endowed with abilities which are called 巫病[Mikobyo in Japanese]/霊媒体質[medium: who sense spirits] in Japan and which are called empath  or telepath in English-speaking countries


I sense various things: human beings’ energy, thoughts and feelings, affected parts of body, human beings possessed by ghosts, and wandering ghosts.

Also, I sense feelings from people far away accurately.
I perceive information and energy which is stuck to places and vibrations which groups [anything like religions, spiritual groups and enterprises] hold.
I can contact “界[realms]” themselves which have been built in an invisible world and conscious entities in such “realms”.

I was born with gifts which are a little bit “awkward”.


I think you can imagine how hard it was for me, having these abilities, without anyone to teach me how to control and protect myself from what I felt.


Anyway, apart from my natural birth, let me tell you about the day my consciousness raised drastically.


It was on a cold winter night when I was ten years old.

I was warming myself in a Japanese Kotatsu.


It happened in suddenly.

I broke out of a shell [ego], and I left the three-dimensional world. Then, I found that I was viewing the world from a far higher point.

At that moment, I realized that: “Things, status and values that people (most earthlings) are pursuing in this temporary world, which called a three-dimensional world, are fake. Originally we didn’t come here to spend our time (life) for those things”

Namely, three-dimensional forms- such as which schools, companies and occupations are good, caring about family  status, having to succeed, having to get married and giving birth are not primarily important.

Then, various thoughts flew one from another as if these were flashing.


“Who am I? What is my nature?”

“Where did I come from and to where will I go back?

“What will become of my self-realized being after I die?”

“What is life? What is the universe for?”

‘For whom and for what was this splendid system created?’

“Why was I born on this earth?”

“What is this earthly life for?”

“Why do I exist right now and here?”

If having such majestic questions was when we turned 50 or 60and we had lived more than a half of our lives, we could hold onto mental stability.


However, in my case, it was when I was 10 years old: from then on, we will experience various things: study, work, love, marriage, child raising, old life, etc.

“Everything is fake; it is a temporary world, and it is not important” is for real!? No way.

I was shocked as if my head was hit by something.

I felt that “Hopeless” feeling and that “The future looks bleak” at the age of ten.


A girl at the age of ten who experienced such frustration.

A girl at the age of ten who lost the will to live.


How much fear, isolation and loneliness I felt… I will leave to your imagination.

Answers didn’t come to mind, because I had not acquired enough words and knowledge to think of them.


It seemed that even though I asked for answers, nobody around me could give me any answers


Somehow, naturally I knew one thing: nobody would provide me answers…


Since I was a child, I blamed myself. I thought “It’s me, thinking about such things. I am strange. I’m crazy” I told myself many times.

Teachers and grown-ups including my parents were living and working frantically in this three-dimensional world without a single doubt, so I could not ask them for answers.

“You are so lucky. I would like to fall asleep gain…

I would like to spend my life in this three dimensional world with my eyes closed

How comfortable it could have been if I could spend life with my eyes closed”

I thought of that in my youth.


If we channel all our consciousness and energy into raising test score, earning money, attaining social success, going out with good looking people, marrying Mr. or Ms. Perfect or tagging along after some idol groups, we can feel short-lived happiness, can’t we?


It looked like a joyful life to me.

I am not denying it.

Making our lives meaningful and high-quality or not is your own decision.


However, it is completely impossible for human beings, who realize this, to go back to the life where they channel into things which people are trying to obtain on a three-dimensional world.
[ Like a Neo who took a red pill]


That is a trouble.


I If we could be distracted by something until we die, it would be easy.

“Why do human beings lead lives on the globe?

“What is the structure of the universe?


Thinking of these, we come down with extreme loneliness and fear as if one person who was cut off contact with the outside world continues to wander in a maze with no exit.


There are many people who attained spiritual enlightenment or a certain realization through meditation, and commit suicide.
It is because the values in this world and human beings’ activities looks worthless, and they feel they are living an empty life.


I was in the same condition, so I can fully understand the process.

I think the phenomena is空観“[Kuugan] in Buddhism terms.

In my childhood, and as a young adult, my consciousness had been in a state of “Kuugan (空観)”.

But if we actually end up finishing here, it’s only partial.


One’s life and personality will be unbalanced without reaching a higher field than 空観“[Kuugan].

Maaya Village is working on guiding everyone from “空観” to a higher field and higher state of consciousness.


At least at present, I am spending every day in a higher level and state of consciousness than ”空観”

That’s why every day is truly comfortable



By the way, let me tell you about the second opportunity that came to me.

I had been affected by the vibrations and energy of “human beings”, “places” and “realms” that exist in invisible world, and my brain and body had been in a harsh condition.

One day, I was showing my mixed feelings of anger and resentment to my life:

“ I am fed up with this life!
What did I do? Stop living by being controlled by invisible things!
I’m so pissed! By any means, I am going to end it!”.


The zone and dimension which I feel uncomfortable are something to be worshiped in this world or “realms” which are adored. However, it is just low and heavy things for me.


I guess that when human beings raise their own consciousness and vibrations, namely, when we get close to the level of high dimensional conscious entities, we will not be able to endure the vibrations of such “realms”.


We will be able to notice:

“What? Were these low and heavy gatherings? These “realms” are low collective consciousnesses and have a lot of bindings and limits!”


At the moment!  I could connect my “consciousness” to “a certain high dimensional field”

I became able to manipulate pure high-dimensional energy.


After the experience, I became able to manipulate pure high dimensional energy

Also, I became no longer affected by low-level vibrations and information, and I also became energetic.


I gained the ability to copy high dimensional energy to objects and send the energy to people, too.
Also, it became possible to fulfill a person’s wish from their high dimensional energy.


Yes, the high dimensional field is the field[band] I named “宇宙純粋意識領域“[Uchu Junsui Ishikiyoiki]


The field is where inexhaustible universal energy, what never run out, exists



Human being can connect to any high dimensions by changing consciousness.

Also, we can take out high dimensional energy and utilize it.

(It is similar to the relationship between ante and electromagnetic wave/frequency band)

I determined that: “If so, I will work towards changing human beings’ consciousness!”



If most human beings on this earth can change the state of their consciousness, they can connect to a higher dimensional field.

Also, if they improve their vibrations and the quality of energy they emit, they can change the entire globe’s vibrations, dimensions and energy!

(If the globe changes like that, I will be comfortable in my body and brain too.)


It means that the planet is formed of people who have advanced spiritually, and it will be a comfortable, healthy and rich planet which can develop a truly advanced civilization.


(I think it is similar with idea which advanced physics has reached)


Maaya Village delivers spiritual enlightenment, realization, consciousness, energy, vibration, information, high dimension, the Universe, ghosts, conscious entities and worlds in a comical, pleasant, stylish and light manner.


That is MV(Maaya Village)


By making use of my natural gifts, my first experience of realization at the age of ten. In the experience I connected to a field where inexhaustible universal high quality energy never run out, and later miraculous phenomenons and mystic experiences. I will navigate you, who are on the globe together at the same period, to fix your energy and vibrations for you to be able to live comfortable, healthy and satisfactory lives


Since I was a little girl, I had wished:

“Why I was born with this body…It’s too harsh! It’s like a living hell! 
Nobody understands it, and I have nobody I can consult it!
I hope my body becomes like normal people’s bodies. I would like to have a normal life!
That is all I want!”



In other words, I had denied my life.

Also, I held a grudge against my body.


My body has features from an unnatural birth, and various unusual bodily sensation, experiences, and knowledge, now leads to more people’s happiness, health, wealth, stability, relief, hope and courage, and affirms my experiences so far. Also, that will be meaningful.


The gifts I was endowed with.

This time please let me share my gifts to bring happiness to your life.


Please take as much as you need.


Best regards,