Arranging Information, Consciousness, Frequency, then “True Great Change”

Hi, sorry for my midnight email and thank you very much for your healing! 

Also, I received “Light-The Fountain of The Universal Unlimited Creation”(MV standard product) and it decorated my room as an interior  :).    So Kawaii (cute)~♪

On the healing day, I was supposed to leave the office earlier, but couldn’t and I received your healing working at the office.

During the healing, I felt my back was in a fidget as I felt it the day after I received the healing for the first time.

Well, I went to home feeling groggy. I slept more than 12 hours right after I got home.

Yes, there are many people who fall asleep earlier than usual after the healing 😉

Then…my feeling is more stable than the first time. I found out that I was kind to others even I was busy…

Also, usually things supposed to go well didn’t go smoothly at the end, but now everything goes well smoothly magically…

What a wonder! Well, it is great!!

Well, I can say that previously she made things worse by herself. Actually there are many people who do as her previous action. However, if your emotion and consciousness get arranged and become higher dimensionally, the negative flow will stop.

Well it is about my work, but my motivation about love is getting up~, so I will work on LOVE too! So far nothing happened about love ;).  

I was dead tired with my work, but now my heart is singing. It is strange and great. I am grateful with this chance of knowing Maaya Village. O

nce again, thank you very much.


See, Maaya Village energy will make your heart sing, excite you and make you powerful? True happiness and wealthy will be obtained by such people 🙂

That is true and high quality dimensional energy.

I perceived various energy too much in this life for decades, I really understand it.

There are very heavy, firm and low energy worlds, and it seems right, better, great and noble at a glance, and people go into the worlds…and what happen in consequence…




People tend to rely on others or magical power without arranging their internal (energy),

but this world, the universe is information, consciousness, frequency, energy and vibration, so true great change won’t happen without fixing them.

Messages I received from MV goods users and readers these days said about their “True Great Changes”, so I am pleased to know that.

If “True Great Change” starts with you, it won’t shake easily, so let’s move on until you can’t 🙂

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