Learning how to use the energy of money

Hi Maaya,

Thank you for sending a MV goods quickly to me despite of your busyness.

You paid back the shipping fees. Thank you.

I feel I am learning how to use  the energy of money from Maaya’s consideration.


Well, there are some action patterns and features of who are hard up for money.

Oh, I am not talking about a person who sent the message to me 🙂

Maaya’s observant eye lead them out.


So far, there are three.

(*There are three points generally, but if you have energy problem, even you hit three points, you will go poor direction)


I would like to deliver something like that in Terakoya(seminar).


Yes, you can distinguish the pattens and features wherever.


Recently, I was surprised by senior lady’s behavior at a pastry shop…

Seeing her behavior, I thought again that the reason why they were not liked by money was within themselves.


Without knowing and changing it, seeking for mystic things will cause you just being unlucky with money.

It is because it’s not a fundamental solution.


After all, everything is up to you.

It’ s not the charge of anybody, parents, family, company or country.


No matter how sharp it is , there is no sensor like a observant eye.


You can grasp the laws if you look over yourself and society carefully. 😛

From Maaya’s blog on July 26 2013

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