How to improve poor thinking habits #2 – Can’t earn money without having a hard time? –

Hello everyone,

I will introduce the continuation of the “Poor Thinking” series. Ancestors seem to be involved with “poor thinking” as well.

Poor Thinking. How to deal with it #2

Even if a person with poor thinking talks to be rich with a person with poor mindset, that person will never be rich.
Since the starting point is a poor perspective and his/her vibration is poor, eventually, whatever he/she does, he/she will reach poor.

Does everyone understand it?  If you want to be rich, it is effective to put rich “information (energy)” in yourself by adding “money toppings” to “Ku Healing” or being in wealthy field such as “Money Terakoya (MV seminar)”

If you want to improve poor thinking habit that was handed down from your generation’s ancestor to your generation, you will not suddenly have rich thinking. This is not the sort of habits that a little bit of effort will solve.

Did you get any good results by reading books or seminars to get rich?

With words and knowledge only, strong poor mindset often doesn’t change.
To be honest with you, poor thinking habits are intense.

To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on October 12. 2016

There are four kinds of topping for “Ku Healing”.
In September, “Money topping” for Ku Healing was second most popular. (Most popular was “Beauty and Health”).

Please choose “information (energy) you would like to get adding to “Ku Healing”. You can apply it from here.

Well then, let me introduce the last of this series in the next post. It is a comment from those who have continued receiving “Money topping”.

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