How to improve poor thinking habits #1 – Can’t earn money without having a hard time? –

Hello, everyone.
There are many people who think we can’t earn money without having hard time or unless we save money collecting coupons desperately?: (I heard that in the U.S, they call “Couponer” who purchases food etc. almost as free as possible using a coupon. )

People involved in Maaya Village (those who use Ku Healing, goods, brain treatment and session )are becoming rich mentally and materially.  They are accelerating.

This time, I picked up a blog about “Poor Thinking”.

Poor Thinking. How to deal with it #1

I recently noticed a strong belief in money in myself 😉

The influence of my parents is strong. I have noticed my own thoughts that I can not earn money if I do not work hard desperately. No element of enjoyment in my work.

I finally realized that reality would definitely change if I really think it’s fun to earn money. I understood that I had preconceived and molded the thought, and my reality was realized.

Actually … two years ago, despite being looking forward to attending “Money-Terakoya” (seminar), somehow I was irritated at the seminar.  At that time, I could not understand why it would be, but later I understood that I did not want to admit my poor thinking. Yes, my inside was reacting.  I tried to do my best for a work, raising annual income at the seminar, but now, when I think about it, I realized that my real intention at that time was doing foolishly thinking  “Does this really change myself?”

It is useless just to listen to the seminar, and I realize that reality will not change unless I understand the seminar fully.

I finally realized that it would be good to approve, forgive and accept myself wanting to be, happy, rich, and beautiful. Hahaha, I really understood it now … (^ ^ ゞ I am a bad student that can’t understand it soon (^ ^ ゞ

People can’t understand things if their timing does not arrive.

So, as the timing comes, keep learning and keep evolving is important.

I think that you were immersed in poor thinking at that time.

※ There are other reasons, too.


Also, it would have been “jealous” when you saw people who were successful and people who seemed to be rich.

The work you did at the seminar and the work I did to you are not something in the world of superficial conscious consciousness.

Also, I and Shin doesn’t have poor thinking.

That such people (I and Shin) established a “field” with the content “money” and “rich”, and that being present in the “field” can shift from poor thinking to rich thinking alone.

The power of the “field” is strong.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 12 2016

I think it is difficult to shift from “poor thinking” to “rich thinking” by oneself alone. This blog will be delivered in three parts. Please look forward to it.

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