Yoda who is in existence in Japan?

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I believe you understood how Maaya saw the world and ADM from the previous blog posts.

This time, let me introduce to you how she opens the invisible world using her fine senses, how the invisible world is divided, and the features of each invisible world (fields).

This time, let me introduce that how she opens the invisible world by her fine sensor, and how the invisible world is divided and the features of each invisible worlds (fields).

Her abilities are just like Yoda in Star Wars.

X world, XX world and XX world related to Sirius

I deepen the understanding of the invisible world by using my sensors to search for energy and information. Therefore, I don’t know much about technical words.

For example, yesterday I told myself, “I am going to search for an energy world which enables me to understand what level of energy the world is at this time

–searching it by the information of the universe–

“I see, it is X world. That’s why it is slightly different from XX world”

X world has the power to transform three dimensional things. However, to put it bluntly, the dimension is quite lower than 宇宙純粋領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki) Maaya found

Putting forth that the power to transform three dimensional things is good or bad, when one connects with an invisible lower dimensional world, one’s — chakra will be closed. It means one’s road to gain a truly higher consciousness will be blocked. Most people who cause “supernatural phenomenon” are connected to X world and use the energy of the world.

I happen to have this gift to perceive energy, so I am familiar with the invisible spiritual world. But, the invisible spiritual world is not one which I yearn to step in, so usually I don’t seek out for that world.

However, it’s necessary for me this time, so I searched and confirmed the existence of X, XX, and XX worlds. XX world is related to Sirius. I confirmed the features of these worlds by the information of the universe.


X world:  —- people is in this world and it’s — world.

Bodily sensation is noisy, rough and harsh. It promotes human’s sense of fear.

XX world: Originally, they are the spirits of — and created by the collective entity.

It is related to poltergeist and supernatural phenomenon. Bodily sensation is sticky.

The world which my sensor felt more intensive than above the two worlds such as flow of electricity is XX world related to Sirius. Many famous Japanese achieved success asking for the energy of the world.


My sensor perceives such energy of each worlds, and by the mass, strength, quality and feature of the energy, I can understand the quality of your life and your enthusiasm to live this life:

“This is — world”

“ This is rare. Usually, Japanese big successful men stops in XX  world level, but he is the person who can ask for the power of  XX world related to Sirius. He must live risking for his life and he must be a dauntless man”


By the way, there are many men who like XX world in Japan, but the world doesn’t deal with the ones who are not down to earth and are weak. They can’t be the same wavelength.  If one doesn’t have a caliber to manipulate the energy, one can’t connect with it. Without intensive chivalrous spirit (even if you are woman), XX world and XX world related Sirius doesn’t deal with you.


Of course, I like “Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki” the best! My sensor is great and comfortable when I am connected to the space. The biggest energy of happiness in the universe embraces me.

This blog became long. Anyway, “where you connect to” is important.

From Maaya’s JP blog on November 28 2015

“Ku Healing” is which Maaya delivers the energy of “Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki” where she found in the universe. Today we are receiving applications. Thank you.

What world are you connected?  If you are interested in, you may be able to have a chance to see her and take her session?

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