Are you concerned with horoscopes or astrology? If so, you are influenced by information world

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Thank you very much. We are getting applications of distant Ku healing for September.

In this blog, you will often see these words: information, energy, family tree, and ADM.
Today, I would like to touch on these things.

Firstly, we live in an information world and are influenced by it.

For example, when we think of a lemon, even if we don’t eat it saliva runs from our mouth. It is because our brain is affected by information (from having the experience of eating a lemon before). When it advanced, we are influenced by information which our ancestors experienced even though we don’t know it.
Being influenced by information means that information has a strong energy.

We live in and are affected by the information world.
If information is unfavorable for us, we would like to find it and delete it, wouldn’t we?

Maaya, who is unfolding an invisible world and the universe every day, is not only able to find the information world that you carry, but is also able to unfold the reason why you are connected to that information. Furthermore, she changes the information to a favorable form. The “transfer” is not held by language. Therefore, the change is fully different from suggestion. She rewrites your information in an invisible world.

This is one of the reasons people say that only Maaya Village can do such a session in the world.

Well, I would like to introduce how Maaya sees the information world in a session and the feedback from a client.

 I can see the level of unhappiness by the color of the information world.


I can see how you have spent your life so far and the level of your unhappiness by the color of the quality of information to which you are connected, the quality of your family tree’s energy, and the color of ADM to which you are connected.

I can also see how your future would be if you leave things as they are.

There is a gradation in unhappiness, and the color looks different in each level such as below:

  • Some unhappiness
  • Considerable unhappiness
  • What? Why are unlucky things happening all throughout your life?

Let me share feedback from people who took the distant “Reborn program”.

She has never took my Hybrid session (in the first Hybrid session, clients complete a counseling sheet and a family tree form), so I found out the causes of her problems by my sharp sensor and the information of the universe without knowing her or her family tree.

None of my sessions are anything like horoscopes or Directionology.
This is a high level world which needs a finely honed sensor and the ability and sense to integrate information.

(Email from Maaya and Shin to a client after the session)

>It is very great that you took Reborn program. TThe color of the informational field of those who are a little unhappy and connected is —-, but when there are those whose unhappiness is not lighter, I can see —. In your case, I saw—so I believe that many things befell you and lived in a heavy and dark world.

(A client)

“Yes, it is. About the trauma I wrote about it only when I was a little girl, but that was when I was —, I was hovering over a point of death. After that, many things happened as well, and I had walked through many valleys in my life. I am sincerely grateful that I could take your program”

One of the reasons she connected to the unfavorable information world is:

“As your advice, I would like to fix –‘s family tree, — is always sick and in a hospital. This may be from family tree”

From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan, 27 2017

We live in an information world.  Also, we think of and our feelings raise based on the information.

If such “information” is unnecessary for you…

Maaya’s distant Ku healing approaches “invisible information world”.

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