Let’s connect with a wealthy field!

Hi all, this time I picked up a blog which you can understand Hado(vibration) and energy of “Wealth”

What we would like to tell you is “Money is energy, so when you fix the energy, money comes in”.

It’s very reasonable that we can receive Money vibration three times a month by just adding about 27 USD to the basic Ku Healing!

Below is Maaya’s blog published on March 2016.

Life with an invisible world -salary and extra buck-

“Let’s add economic fortune vibration to the Ku Healing”. This casual thinking is good.

With only about 27 USD, you can invite economic fortune (There are differences according to each individual, timing and quantity. In my session, I can give you personal advise to invite bigger economic fortune earlier), so we would like you to use it.

As you may think, actually “economic fortune” is ineffectual field where no matter one work on hard using head.
It is because the field is related to the structure of “an invisible world” deeply.

Therefore, MV is good at the field.

In the first place, if red ADM is on you, you can’t be rich…(Regarding ADM, if you have ever watched a movie, Matrix, you may be able to imagine why, but let me refrain from the explanation here)
If one can raise economic fortune by one’s thought intentionally, all the people with high IQ are wealthy.

However, in all times and places, IQ is not relative to economic fortune. Surely, if IQ is high, one would be able to earn money well.  However, if one would like to go ahead of it, it’s not something one can do with a head.

Money is energy, so when energy side (invisible system) is fixed, money comes in.

In this universe, there is a wealthy system such as a source.
However, one can’t access to it basically.
If one can know how to access to it instinctively, one will not be in money trouble no matter and where one do.

This is the field and dimension I can’t explain by words.

However I would like to take you the field, so Shin and I am working on an invisible world every day

Sharing the results of my research through distant Ku Healing, brain treatment and Hado (vibration) transcribed goods to you is my greatest pleasure. 😀


From Maaya’s JP blog on March 2 2016


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