How to remove brainwashing from the world and society

You may think: “Brainwashing? I am not brainwashed”

However, phrases such as: “Men have to play their role“, “Women have to behave womanly”, “After marriage, I will have a baby, and having a home will bring happiness” are brainwashing.

Even if we understand “this is an advertisement and a commercial”, we are brainwashed.We are brainwashed by television, magazines, parents, companies, friends, and the place and country we live in.

If you would like to get out of “brainwashing” you haven’t noticed yet and disturbed you, and if you would like to leverage your soul, know your true self and enjoy your life, Maaya’s remote Ku Healing will be useful.

Maaya has advocated the importance of “raising the dimension of consciousness “ since she started to write her blog.

Does is make sense to you? “Raising the dimension of consciousness”.

I understood the importance of “raising the level of consciousness”, but I wasn’t sure how to go about raising it. Unconsciously, I thought only talented or geniuses could to do that. I think I gave up before.

If you are like me, and if you would like to have the time of your life, I recommend this remote healing.

On the 3rd, 13th and 23rd of every month, Maaya does remote Ku healing for those people who found Maaya Village and applied for the healing.  For people outside of Japan, an application system is available. From September, you can take remote Ku Healing! You can apply for it from August. 1 😀

Below is Maaya’s blog published on May 2016. Please refer to it.

Today is healing day-to remove brainwashing.

We have decided on a subject to present in 寺子屋(Terakoya, a seminar)

However, we found out that the subject goes straight over people’s heads when we present it to a person.

Because Shin and I have lived in that state for a long time, we hear things such as “it’s normal,” “it’s easy,” and ”it’s obvious.”  Therefore, even when we talk about it with normal people, they can understand the words but it goes straight over their heads.

Why it goes straight over normal people…

It is because they believe that the reality(they think it is real) is the true world too much, and they have been brainwashed numerously in the world.

One method to remove brainwashing is “raising the dimension of consciousness”

You can understand perfectly the low dimensional conscious world.

You can see through the system of the world which is lower than your consciousness.

Also, you can see through all such as the thinking pattern, action pattern, personality, character and real intentions of people lower than you consciousness.

Anyway, the dimension of consciousness is important.

To raise it, remote Ku Healing is the best. I actually started this Ku Healing for it.

Those people who connect, wear, hold a higher dimensional  vibration, frequency and energy have high dimensional consciousness.

Please make your vibration, frequency and energy high dimensional at 21:00PM (Japan Time) by the healing.
Please work on raising the dimension of your consciousness over your entire life.


When your level of consciousness rises, you can see the constructions, lies, and inconsistent parts of the world below you. Then, you can get out of the brainwashing of the lower world.

When the dimension of your consciousness raises, you can see system, lies and parts don’t add up of the people whose consciousness are lower than yours. Then, you can get out of the brainwash of theirs, and you will never ever be brainwashed by them.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 23 2016

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