About love and work. Let’s master “common practice” at first!

These days I often meet with people from work.

It seemed that they have problems with sales and getting customers, and their solutions are…to doubt superficial techniques.

Also, among them some people depend on mystic powers, too.


It’s possible to make work and love temporarily improve quickly through mystic powers.

However, it’s hard to sustain it by mystic powers only.


For instance, even if you can make a person fall in love with you at first sight by mystic powers, as long as the person is not a fool, the person will eventually leave if you are not attractive.


Through relationship or conversations, your resourcefulness and character will be revealed, won’t they?

Therefore, if you would like to be liked surely and you would like to get married with him or her surely, there is no other way than improving yourself continuously.


I would like to explain more in “MV 寺子屋”(seminar) someday.


Those who say: they can’t have love relationship or they can’t marry even if they would like to, have causes surely.


Some people have problems that can’t be solved by themselves.
In the case, they need others’ support who can see thorough their causes.


That’s why MV tells you “down-to-earth” thoughts and methods.


It is obvious that those people whose level of conscious is low, motivation is odd, lack the power to observe, have a lot of bindings, and can’t make progress even if they start something.

I doubt that such people depend on mystic powers easily, and without finding their cause they can’t make progress.


On earth, there are “human beings”, and “human beings” have emotions and feelings, and such “human beings” have a common wish: To be happy…


If you know that completely,even if you only knew that love and work will reach to a certain level definitely.

Then, it continues (stable).


Before the great laws of the universe, there are laws such as physical laws and human law.
Therefore, if you grasp it firmly, your life on earth will go well.


However, among those who like mysterious things, there are many people who don’t have down-to- earth law such as earth law or human low in their minds at all.

Also, more than a few people who would like to know the law of the universe all at once, skipping laws of nature and human law.


That’s why there are people anybody think:” you have things you should before leaning it” here and there.


Though I didn’t learn these things from anybody, I have lived and worked that way.

Therefore, I think I have trust and reliability from people.


It’s is great that living that way: I am always same even somebody cut me like a cookie cutter person and having no-shameful inside even if others see.


If we have lie, falsehood, cheating and exaggeration, it requires more energy to sleek over these things, and we get tired.


Then, we know it better than anyone else: “ I lied and deceived true self, hided true feelings and real intentions, and expressed myself bigger to make myself look cooler”


This is not good actually.


This is the cause which life starts to fall apart.


I would like to explain it in detail in a seminar someday.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 18 2017

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