The causes of unhappy? phenomena 3

In case that the cause of unhappy phenomena is family tree(family tree’s information)


Incidentally, two grave cards for XX family is working gradually!


I got unexpected energy from my parents this year.


Surprisingly, X is going to marry the end of this year!


My mother said that every thing is going to great direction thanks to Maaya.


XX family is still heavy, and we would like to work, increase income and improve energy.

Therefore, I would like you to cut — ADM stuck to my husband!


I’m rooting for your further happy life 😀


BTW, even if you would like to marry, it’s not easy to get married.

Compared with dating someone, it’s a big hurdle. Isn’t it?


Some people get married even if they had thought “I don’t want marry” and some people can’t even they continued to think “I would like to get married”.


I think “Family tree” is related to it.


However, I and Shin discusses often:

We would like to tell whom would like to marry.


Marriage is no the goal.

Marriage is the start.


We need to overcome and create various things together.


Even you get married, it won’t make you happy automatically.


It’s not like that your partner makes you happy one-sidedly.

You need feelings of making both of you and your partner happy.

Namely, this is the marriage: both of you will make both of you happy,


For that, various things are needed:

Resourcefulness, broad-mindedness, calm,  problem solving ability, parallel work, brightness, strength, power to live, health, patience, space to wait, thinking skills, communication skills, housework skills, sense of economy…


Therefore, please improve such skills since bachelorhood.


Without them, in some cases, married life will break up soon.


Marriage you hoped to be happy may be the start of nightmarish life.


I often see people who think marriage as the goal and sometimes worry unnecessary:

“Even if she gets married, how will she have daily life with her partner?

Her partner will be satisfied? How will she communicate with her partner? How will she do housework and support her partner?”


Please draw a mental picture what will be needed after marriage, and improve necessary skills for married life.


The end.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 15 2016


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