New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-9-

Thank you for your YAKU-Otoshi on Dec. 31.

I was fascinated by it♪

While I was taking it, I didn’t have strong bodily sensation, but the following day, I was sleepy for a day.

After Jan. 2, I was shouting (–snip–) alone in midnight like the dregs that remain after repressed feelings had been removed exploded.

It was lucky that my bedroom is separated from my husband’s room. (laugh)


I see. I used a technique which revealed repressed feelings.

Speaking of which, repressed feelings are piled up naturally.

If you can reveal such feelings little by little, you are fine.

However, who can’t reveal them because of various reasons, and it’s wicked.

If you leave it unfinished, you will be sick.

Anyway, let’s reveal repressed feelings!


If you are brainwashed: you should be goody-goody, you should be likable or you should be popular, be careful.

Such people have disorders somewhere: They act as a good person, continue to endure and pile up repressed feelings, then ruin organs and die at early age.


Being honesty, care own feelings, but not say directly, choose wise expression, not forget care for others, live in well balance and live longer healthier.

You prefer the latter, don’t you?


There are many people like the former in Japan, actually.


After, Jan.3, my stomach felt heavy and I burped from morning to night.

I am looking forward the future change.

This time, you replaced my unhappy fields to 宇宙純粋意識(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki) and cut black ADM…


I feel hope for my future thinking of that happy wheels will rotate more and more.

Thank you for your YAKU-Otoshi.


 Wish you a blessed New Year 2017!


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 7 2017

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