New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-3-

The second one;


Though you have a sensor,
but energy, worlds, information and repressed feelings you hold are too heavy and your sensor is caught in garbage,
so you can’t sense MV energy.


A person who sent feedback cut a world of ill which she had connected for long
and fixed information of family line seriously in 2016
and sensed energy sharply at the end of 2016.

I think, dust has been eliminated, so the person could feel something high dimensional sharply.

The higher dimensional is, the harder to sense it.


※ Actually, I tried to various measures as you can feel the energy easily.

Sorry for strange metaphor, but even you remove one bag of garbage from a trash house, residents and people around them don’t notice the change.

However, if you remove one bag of garbage from a house which doesn’t have any unnecessary things and been cleaned well?

Residents and people around them notice the change soon “Wow, how clean the house got be!”


I think it’s similar to the metaphor


The third one:


Those who can sense low dimension, namely, vibration of things which are close to body,
but don’t have a sensor which high dimension, namely, finer vibration and information.

I think that you remove garbage within yourself more and more and make effort to improve the dimension of your consciousness, you will be able to feel high dimensional vibration, information and energy.


The fourth one:


This may be last model?


Those who started to feel energy sharply more and more at the beginning,
but eventually started to feel nothing.


There are some who feel energy sharply originally among MV.

Regardless of remote arts, they feel sharply.



This is the conversation with one of them.

“Recent remote healing is getting marvelous, isn’t it?”

“Ah, did you notice it?

Actually, I am trying to connect a field for myself every day.

I think, accordingly, you are getting rich energy from recent remote healing.

You are feeling the difference. That’s you all right!”


※Being the same as ever, is a defeat.

Unless you improve, train and develop yourself, you will be rusted.


 “However.. I started to feel anything strongly as I took your healing for the first time”


I understood the reason soon.

Because when I am with the person,


I felt the person has energy on the abdomen, was calm, was giving off stability from whole herself , was in great energy and hold great state of consciousness.


“Perhaps, it is good thing. You are taking remote healing every month and remote brain treatment often, right? (Also, she fixed her family line).

I think you are now be able to generate high dimensional energy I deliver from yourself.

Like, your usual “basic frequency” has changed or raised….do you understand what I am trying to say?”

(Only in case of whose sensor is sharp 

When people get energy who got energy different from their energy, they sense the difference and think “I felt the way” “I felt this way”.

The state got changed too much from their usual energy and information, so they feel big change.


However, who are in the state similar to frequency and energy MV, I deliver , the difference is not big, so there is no big impact.


Therefore, the form is a desirable state: you got big impact at the beginning, but later, it got be softer. That’s the best form which everybody should aim for.”



※I still sense impact sharply often due to the amount of energy, but after all, it is when I feel the difference from my energy.

It’s different from good and bad.

“I see, that’s right. When I met MV.. my state was shameful. Now that…”


Let’s accelerate ourselves more and more in 2017, too!

Let’s run up to new stage matter-of-factly and automatically!

 Hi all, please remember that when you met MV.


Many of you moved to stages one, two and three more higher instantly.

 I met who took Reborn Program Full, and I thought so seriously.

She had taken brain treatment for a while, then she accelerated herself.


“She is wise seriously. She got be stable. Her brain is working speedy”

Tuning to her state and I tasted the state happily.


2016 was a year that I thought those who met MV changed better.

I think I will think the way more in 2017. 🙂 

I can’t wait for that.


The end


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 4 2017

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