A Happy New Year 2017!

Just now, we finished one year’s厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)



This is my feedback:


I dove deeply very much.


I was in a considerable consciousness state


Because of it, actually I haven’t come back usual state yet.


Therefore, I think my sentences is strange, but please forgive me in advance



In great consciousness state, we did many arts one after another.


I myself is feeling very well.


I am feeling refreshed.



A feeling: I would like to who are in the present universe together having a good opportunity, our compatriots can have more wonderful like on the earth…., sprang naturally.





Unhappy element” Black ADM”

(Many of you were connected with the ADM actually)


Removing unnecessary information you got from your eyes and ears

(Many of you had the information very much)


霊障祓い (Reisho- Brai) (Remove Curse of Ghost)

(I expelled it intensively)


We cut “Unhappy place” you has connected from the past to the present, and replaced you to “a place” I created from energy of 宇宙純粋意識領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki)

 (There were many people who took MV 厄落とし, and not all of you didn’t have remote healing,brain treatment and reborn program, so some of you were connected a considerable bad unhappy place)


Discard garbage of whole brain.

(It’s a burden of your brain stem. Today’s people have too much stress on the area)


Brain activation, IQ up.

(Like you brain works well, and your brain becomes like a capable person’s brain)


Expel 呪術(Jujutsu, magic) and 生霊(Ikiryo. Vengeful spirits)

(I expelled them intensively, too)


I cut things you were connected and binding you.

(I cut that and this one after another, you I believe you got comfortable)


I fixed constituent elements of you, which crated you.

(necessary elements get together and you hold a soul and exist . When there a deformation, you will be sick and unhappy, and it generates distortion on your life)



we did cutting edge arts which is “exorcism”


Doing the arts, I and Shin felt “This ‘MV 厄落とし(MV YAKU-Otoshi)’ is very important event”

“It should be held every year”


Technically, there was a great feeling about the arts.


I thought considerable difference shall appear between you taking this YAKU-Otoshi in a year and not.


I am looking forward feedbacks from you.


Well, have a great new year! 😀 


I haven’t come back usual consciousness though, I finished big work of the end of 2016, so I will celebrate 2017 from now on. 🙂 


MV looks forward to seeing you, 2017 too.


 From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 1 at 0:43 AM 2017

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