To you having difficulty with human relations

Since before starting Maaya Village, people who had worked together only several weeks often said to me that they had felt they’d known Maaya for many decades.


The other day, a guy, not strong relationship, said:

“I was thinking for a long time that I get along with you~”

(He determined so because we are the same blood type. Mmm…it is not the reason)

I said to myself: “I always suit myself to you!  😉 ”



I tune myself to you (tuning spirit)

I accept you, yourself unconditionally and unreasonably.(Love for mankind?),

Also, it is because I knew that your personality, concern and wants, so I contact you with love?

Understanding various things, naturally you can have deep consideration, love and concern to others.


I shall be happy if this blog is useful for who are always worried about relationships.


When I view who have always difficulty with human relations,

I don’t know where they got the value or thought, but they are doing believing doing so is good,

and when I see the scene, I would like to say that:


“The way you speak and behavior makes people unpleasant, and they will hate you”

“Moreover, you are creating energy problem by yourself!”


If you can view anything from higher conscious dimension, you can view various things and at the same time, you can live well certainly 😀




From Maaya’s original blog on Aug. 22 2013

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