After “Reunion with your higher self! Meet true yourself!” Terakoya

I read a community of Terakoya held on July 9…
(Sorry, finally I have energy to read it carefully)


  • I am a happy person ☆

  • After Terakoya, I don’t know why, but I have sense of pressure, and there were times that I smiled.

  • Since then, I could start to live deeper ad harder as if I had been reborn

  • My place of work became enjoyable, and my complex caused by a chronic disease is about to be resolved, so I am happy every day. 😆 

  • I can sleep well, get hungry, work hard, easygoing and have many interests, and I am very fine

  • It was Terakoya made me happiest.

  • I can’t express how grateful Terakoya was♪

  • I am getting lighter and lighter every day☆

These were added to their introductions to the community.


Yes, Terakoya was for you to taste the life and sense as you mentioned.

It’s a splendid success.


I haven’t recovered from my fatigue yet, so I haven’t been able to write blog about Terakoya.

Please wait for a while.


I would like to write this and that.
On that day, from attendees,

「My husband is turning into something amazing」
「Since then, it has changed as this way!」

I got great news a lot. 🙂 


They are changing more and more, and I am so pleased.


Well, I will write a blog later. 😀 


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 19 2016

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