It’s not too late even after grown up, and there is always hope still!

Hi, thank you for MV Brain Treatment today!

Thank you so much for treating my brain carefully!

Actually, it’s light in my room so I put a towel on my eyes, then since the remote brain treatment started, I felt hot in my eyes as if I had put a pocket heater on my eyes.

Later I went back to living room, and I said, “it’s hot as if I had put a pocket heater on my eyes”,

and I was told that “ it’s red around your eyes”.


At that time I thought it’s because I put a towel on my eyes, but later I read the treatment content,

and understood that it’s because my eyes were operated and I thought again that Maaya and Shin is awesome.


Well, it’s only five days since the remote brain treatment, terrible burp has stopped.

As I have no burp, my belly doesn’t expand like a pregnant woman, so breathing is easy.

I am happy that I can breathe naturally without being conscious of it.

Also I have no palpitation of the heart like a cardiac arrhythmia.

In addition to that, I can talk smoothly can’t be compared with the past.

I can say that I can strain the abdomen…


Now I am wondering what myself had been controlled by negative feeling.


I realized that the cause of my poor physical condition was because of my brain.


I would like to continue to take Remote Brain Treatment.

Also, I would like to be able to attend Terakoya again!

I would like to continue to change my life leaning in Terakoya!.


As you wrote it on today’s blog, I realized that it’s not too late even after grown up, and I could think there is always hope still!


Exciting feelings I almost forgetting started to flow over.


I feel I came back to innate myself.

Thank you so much!!!

I will do my best again!

I thank you from my heart.


Frankly speaking, those who took F2F” Brain Treatment” for several times have changed like a completely different person; their eyes, facial expression, tone of voice and remarks, etc.


Of course, they become ace, competent.


Getting straight to the point, it’s because the condition and function of BRAIN has changed.

That’s it. 😉


Ah, they are adult. It’s possible to adjust the condition of brain.


Regarding Remote Brain Treatment, it has produced great effect, as we do concentrate on very much and operate the treatment.


Please try to continue to take Brain Treatment for your further progress and comfortable and light every day.


It’s an investment for yourself.


Brain…it’s very important.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 3 2016

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