Once MV takes charge of you, all of you are “Uri Geller”♬ 3

I will send feedback later o(^▽^)o

Thank you for Terakoya which I can’t find anywhere.

Please find attached picture.


I am sending this picture!

Behind “Can’t bend/ can’t be bent”♪


I was really surprised when the spoon was bent.

When I think of the moment, I become happy even now. ^_^

Thank you for the seminar!

I read Maaya’s blog. Here is the attached picture.♪


Thank you for the pictures.

I am wondering what’s next
Let’s make”hard/impossible” people say”easy/possible” in MV. 🙂 

We’ve only got once to live, you know!

Let’s go back after we do anything we want, see 😉 

To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec.10 2015

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