MV Beauty Technique♪ Did you get nose job?

MV beauty technique.

I used the technique to many people in front of large numbers of people.

Also, I used the technique to client directly in MV secret session, and used it on Remote High Dimensional Healing.

Well, they enjoyed it.


Actually I used the “beauty technique” on Remote Healing on Dec. 23. How was it?


I have gotten a lot of emails about Money & Rich Terakoya, so I would like to write those on this blog.

However, I keep on researching and experiments every day and my energy was recovering after Terakoya, so I had no time to write blog.


Then, I was checking emails…


I forgot to tell you.

Regarding my face…

It’s certain that I lost weight by dong XXXXX, but after Maaya used the beauty technique on me in Osaka my face changed and I think my impression changed.


I was talking I should inform you with —-, but fully I forgot.


( Yes, I remembered that Maaya had mentioned “I guess the transformation would stay. It wouldn’t return to your original state. This is High Consciousness Dimensional Technique” in a community of this blog)


Speaking of which, surprisingly they were talking about my face this time…

Some people asked if I did plastic surgery on nose?


Well, MV techniques are awesome 😛

Actually, the arts are evolving more and more every day


Frankly, I am doing great experiment now.

I will write about it a little bit later.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 25 2014

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