The leading edge of TRAUMA♪

I spend “the leading edge of trauma!” every day through training for staff and MV session.

The other day, “trauma” was on TV.


It said that this field is slow and there is no “treatment for trauma” in universities which is specialized sort of the area and such specialists are only 300-400 in Japan…


A speaker on the TV program said that
if you have trauma, you have mental and physical disorder and can’t adapt to society.
If you don’t take care, it may lead to crime, so “trauma” is important field.


Also, there are many cases among who can’t be adult internally can’t cope with and handle events generated through human relations appropriately one by one, so they have big stress and can’t control mind and become bad at social life and human relations.


Increasing the number of people can’t adapt to society is damage to country too, so I hope the field will be developed more.


The client and doctor in the TV program.
According to them, it took three months to solve one trauma.


Well, solving trauma in one time session is common in Maaya Village…

By the way,
being said only “the cause is unclear” and provided only XXX which can’t fix your symptom at all….

I hope the day will come soon when there is no such bad spiral in the world.


As the TV described,
headache, physical disorder, personality disorder, can’t eat food, can’t sleep,
not good at crowds, panic, anxiety neurosis, can’t ride in a vehicle, flashback…

MV eliminated their symptoms already, but I think country should work on these in earnest


Well, but… so far only MV has a method of letting you free from A○○.
I guess standard world can’t do that.

Regarding A○○, only who have super unique antenna can understand and handle it.

I hope many people can have healthy, bright and joyful life with healthy mind, mental, brain, body and feeling.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 16 2013

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