Trembled beyond pleasure and got teary.

Now I am creating secret goods,


writing about “Brain Operation” ( it will be awesome!)


looking for wonderful stone for material in Terakoya


and found similar messages on email of Terakoya Pre-Orders and I am writing this blog.


Super Parallel Work 😆



Well, I guess they sensed something already…


I think they perceived something sound? information? scent? from future.


I have a whole picture of Terakoya clearly already in my brain,

so I guess you can get some information from my written characters.

I am writing an important thing.

You who attended Terakoya many times understood the meaning already, don’t you?


I am grateful that you sensed future information and my seriousness from my written characters 🙂


Tears came into my eyes reading Maaya’s blog about announcement of Terakoya.

I guess I need the content.


I read your blog!!

Tears roll down my cheeks…


These days I have things to think of and all of my things were written…

Thank you so much.



I read about special MV Space Terakoya on your blog.

I tremble with excitement beyond pleasure.

Frankly, I am nervous somehow.

I can’t calm nerves (>_<)

It’s my forth time to take part in Terakoya, but I am feeling something I had never felt before.

I would like to attend the Terakoya.

Thank you in advance.


After all, they already accessed very deep information already and seems that the content has resonated in their internal 🙂 


There’s something very sensuous about it.

I am looking forward to it.


Reading your blog I thought I shouldn’t miss Terakoya!.

Thank you.


Since Terakoya was announced, my heat had beat fast

This Terakoya is perfect for me!!


Reading the announcement I clapped my hands for the content and great goods.

I am looking forward to it!


I read about Space Terakoya on your blog.

Actually I was reading books about attachment disorder, personality disorder and so on! I am looking forward to it.There are many people who have the disorder around me and including me, so I am sure I need to learn it. I am excited to be able to learn from Maaya and Shin.


Everything I was thinking was included and I was moved!

The content is more than the price and my heart is pounding.



Seems this content is necessary for you as you trembled and got teary.

I’m glad 🙂 



Seeing MV staff and other people,


“This understanding is necessary for her/him”


“The cause of his or her problem, the fundamental cause is in this~”


“I have to deliver this to him or her”


Then, I created the content 🙂


Alright, I will go back to work 😉 


From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 5 2015

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