MV Special Space Terakoya on Dec. 5 !

I think next Terakoya is deep, cool and refined…

Well, because observing human beings, I viewed their problems and I understood that they can’t move ahead without clearing these!!


I will hold such a special Terakoya on Dec. 5 😛



★Pre-Orders: Wed. Nov. 4-Sat. Nov.7★

The first “Special Terakoya”!

MV Special Space Terakoya
Know the reason you can’t go well, and be what you would like to be~』

~Lecture of acquiring “Power to live, Power to survive”! ~

For you who have difficulty of living, painful of living, would like to change your personality and would like to transform your living.


If you attend this Terakoya, you will understand the reason you can’t handle your life well and method of approaching your ideal self!


Especially, this time is very special Terakoya!

Actually, I thought of setting the price to 300,000YEN.



Material(not for sale) for Terakoya is too awesome as well as the contents of Terakoya!


The first material is…!

 Special card: I will install one of my “Trauma Reset” method I use in “MV Hybrid Session” which is very popular, no end of reservation and always sold out immediately on the card by a particular way.

Anytime and anywhere you can do “Trauma Reset” the same as MV’s by holding the card and casting a spell by yourself!

Yes, you will be able to use the method professionals use in session!

You think 300,000YEN is cheap, don’t you?


Next is stone.

I will install one of my methods which I use in “MV Brain Esthetic” which is very popular session and once you take the esthetic you can’t stop it on the stone.

It is useful to activate “Human Brain (Evolved Brain)” and I will explain about the brain in Terakoya.

Actually, it will be helpful to have calm thought, higher thought in abstraction degree and be able to make a useful choice for you.

Whose IQ is high and true wise people have the abilities.


Now as you can see, it’s worth more than 500,000YEN

Because, you can do “Trauma Reset” and “Brain Esthetic” at home or office anytime.


Of course, I am developing the content of Terakoya more and more!

I will deliver it to you from cutting edge scientific viewpoint wisely and including “real “ “information” from daily MV work with fun, joy and pleasure.


I had held various Terakoya so far.

Of course, I am proud of all Terakoya.


The contents were which I had understood and practiced, and I presented those thinking your everything would go well.


However, some attendees had character or mental problems, so they had some difficulties…


Also, seeing MV staffs I thought of many things…

I summarized such various things.


I’m sure this Terakoya will be useful to resolve “hardship in your life” and “ your unsmooth sailing life”!!



◆you would like to stop, but can’t do! “Addiction”
“○○○” and “○○” are causes!


◆The first in the world!! MV Original Theory『Method of not having depression』
・Please try actually!!It works!You can have a life free from “depression” forever.

・About developmental disorder, attachment disorder, personality disorder, codependency, DV and other psychosomatic disorder


◆See through inferiority complex! Forgive yourself!
 ・『Human depth psychology』

◆This world is not so sweet!
・Let’s notice it when you are young! Please teach it to your children!Before it’s too late!


◆Aren’t you binding yourself by “○○○○○○○”?
・Unstable feeling, explosion, impulsive action you can’ t control…the cause is …


◆To whom won’t change readily

・”Brain”which doesn’t want to change if possible

・”You” who don’t want to change actually for a reason.  Because it’s convenient for you.

・It’s hard to change when these condition are established

  1. XXX and XXX you had spent so far  2. A lot of XXX which disturb


◆Human brain(Evolved brain) and Animal brain (Primitive brain)


◆You shouldn’t miss it if you would like to change! The importance of “self-recognition”

・Effect of breathing and meditation.

・Two of you
◆The importance of F○○○○○○○k”
・Are you disliked by others?  Are you avoided by others?  Are you working well?

◆Method of switching thought to take advantage of any jobs and works to improve your skill!


◆To whom has difficulty with human relations

・「I don’t like connecting with others!!」「I am not good at interacting with others!」
 If so, you have to give up job, money and great partner.

  If you know that, you will start to make effort of connecting with others.


◆You shouldn’t miss it if you would like to do self-realization without being obstructed by others!

・Let’s understand a feature of a nerve cell in the brain and take advantage of it for yourself!

( to be influenced by wonderful person only and not to be influenced by person you don’t want to copy)


【Surprise art】 ←This is I and Shin will do for you in the venue

【Surprise work】

・Trauma Reset card (Level 1)

・Stone for improve your brain


【Place】 Shinagawa in Tokyo



From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 4 2014

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