Psychic, Medium, 波動(Hado,wave motion) perceiver, Telepath or Brain di○sorder… -Part3-

This is the kind of level I deliver in The Universal Terakoya[seminar], so I won’t describe in detail,
but there are many cases that even it looks the same story for an amateur and actually the cause and state is completely different from my point of view.

In a point of information world, it is the same, though.


However, let me tell you from the standpoint of MV energy problem institute, I would like to

“identify the cause, deal with it properly and transform the reality”.


Therefore, knowledge and wisdom I deliver to you varies by your causes and situation.

Thus, it is very important to identify.


If those who are seeing illusion or hallucination, go into invisible world which has large mass, without knowledge, misunderstanding they are medium, sharman, Hado[vibes] perceiver or have special power,

their brain and body will be ruined surely.


It can’t be recovered.

It’s not the problem which can be resolved by medicine or hospital.


From my long experience, the two below are different.

Psychic, medium, 波動(Hado, vibes) perceiver (empath, telepath, etc.)

Common curse by spirits, brain problem, influence by XXX ( which I explained on July 12)

However, the relation is gradation, and it’s true that it can’t be judged by an amateur


It can be categorized more, but there is big difference in energy problem looks the same and same symptom. ( when I see it )


Therefore, the measure and what you have to take care will be different to each of you.


For instance:

It is effective for a person to “raising consciousness”,

but if it is brain XXX, “consciousness dimension “doesn’t make sense.

We have to remove the cause why the brain became XXX and deal with it properly.


Therefore, I believe we need people and organ which can see the whole picture of view undeveloped energy and information world from high dimension in near future.


I would like to conclude this blog by adding lastly that it’s not time to say fairly, angel, sharman or XXX. 🙂


The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 25 2014


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