Psychic, Medium, Hado(wave motion) perceiver, Telepath or Brain disorder… -Part2-

I think you can understand it from the description below.

One day I have something about a person on my mind, at the same time I perceived the person’s current feeling, emotion and condition. I sensed the information…

“I see. I understand you. Yes, human mind and feeling is something like that…but it’s still hard for you, so I hope you have a chance to take MV session and you will be stable “

I was thinking it in my mind.

Then, the next day or two days later, I got the email:

Actually, since I gave up XXX, I couldn’t had been able to see XXX and to be honest with you I have XXX XXX for one month within myself…

I felt I betrayed. However, the next day when I gave up thinking “It’s done”, I dreamed about you! You said to me “No worry at all~” with smile gently in my dream.

I was moved to feel that you took care of me… In the dream, I took your counseling and trauma reset session.  Also, when I consulted a matter with Maaya, you nodded and you and Shin understood my matter very much.

Therefore, I was thinking I would like to take a counseling or trauma reset session in near future…Well, I dreamed of it a few days ago.

In a dream sensory thing is transmitted more directly rather than in real world, so it transmitted to all over my body. Thank you so much in advance.


I sensed her feeling and thought “she had better take MV session” and she got the right to take MV session in spite of the ratio of successful to total applicants, so I was thinking to write an email to her, but before that, I received the email from her.


I replied her:

“Actually when you applied session, I was thinking of sending an email to you from my side. Because I knew your feeling and I was wondering if you took my session. I was thinking that yesterday or the day before yesterday…”

Her feeling and thought I perceived was as it was fully, so I emailed her without thinking…

Thus , if we inspect only facts without swallowing what you would have sensed in this way, but do not doubt, you will see if  what you perceived is true, just thought, imagination, delusion that comes from a breakdown or illness of the brain.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 25 2014


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