“You must unlearn what you have learned “ Part 2

Then, a memorial service for ancestors came up in the event, and I said that:


“Once we did a memorial service for ancestors as Shin’s acquaintance suggested.

We don’t deny anything before we try.

We determine anything after we try.

Then, when we tried it, I just felt getting heavy and heavy (it only made many spirit of dead person come to me. Not my ancestors).

Therefore, I quit soon.

Then we who don’t do such a memorial service for ancestor got lighter and lighter.

On the contrary, the acquaintance who have done the memorial service for ancestor continually is getting heavy, dark and unfortunate as always.

That’s the answer”


Anyway, try anything.

If you dislike it, just quit it.

If it suits you, keep trying.


I and Shin didn’t recommend MV goods at all in the event in Osaka.

However, people who listened to various things sensed something and later they ordered Maaya Village “High Dimensional NAVI water”.


Please know that the message for “your ancestors and deceased persons” is superb.

The message is not only for who passes away.


Every time we recite the message, we gradually notice that during our living, “there is no XX”.


Then, what become of after the death…well, it is magnificent plan, isn’t it♪
To be continued.


From Maaya’s blog on De. 2 2011

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