As I haven’t written about 幽霊(ghost)–part 1–

I wrote in previous blog that ghost came out, and I wanted to write about ghost only, so I am writing this blog separately.

Children who didn’t know mother had ordered “邪気祓い・霊障解消(Jaki, exorcism・Karma removal) MV card ” had reactions as soon as the card arrived at home.

I got the reports from two mothers.

Stomach is related to….


Well, children absorb unnecessary family’s energy. Parents’ feeling energy, ghost and so on.

Children and pets are easily haunted.


Then, it’s no good to continue to think of dead people for decades.

Perceiving 波動, Hado(wave motion) I say that heavy ghosts won’t leave Japan as long as living human beings don’t emit lighter notion 波動(wave motion).

I will explain it in detail in a book,

but let me tell you that it is up to living human beings.

Children don’t know anything, but know something haunting.


“Wow, this circumstance became uncomfortable for me now…What is the card?

A human being’s intention who knows us and our system is transmitting to us..

Well, the human being sees through us…We can’t be here anymore…”

Then, they come out and leave…


There are various quality of entities, so I set the arranging 波動 (wave motion) card with level.


Some people can fix problem by level 1 and some people can’t.


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on June 3 2011

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