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How to improve poor thinking habits #3 – Can’t earn money without having a hard time? –

Hello everyone.

Finally, it is a message from those who have continued to receive “money fortune” adding to “Ku Healing”.  It is good to be rich mentally and materially.
Please read the below.

Poor Thinking. How to deal with it #3

Hi, Maaya, always thank you for your help (^ ^ ♪

In secret I have continued to take “remote Ku Healing plus Money topping ” for my husband since the topping menu started .  (My husband works for a company, but also he started personal business several years ago.)

The other day my husband said  “My business earned —millions of yen”.
I didn’t understand what  he said and I said. “What? What?”
My husband said, “The capital I started at 10,000 yen is now – million yen”.
I like money but I was indifferent to what my husband is doing, so I did not know what was going on with his personal business. I was surprised because I did not know the progress. I have laughed. Well then I am looking forward to seeing you again 😀

It was good, and neatly “effectiveness of lucky topping” has come out.
The topping is about 1,000 yen per time, and it was completed completely. In addition to that, the “spiral of richness” was created for––family. Please increase that vortex steadily!

There are quite a lot of wives who have been doing “distance Ku Healing + money luck richness” in secretly to their husbands. When I was seeing at an event etc. I heard they said :”My husband is still as amazing as ever”

It’s good that family becomes rich.
Please accumulate experiences that can only be enjoyed on the three-D earth by that money. Money is to be used for this purpose. Please make good use of money without drowning in money, and bring back the sense of feelings from that experience to another world.

I hope more abundance will come to everyone who has some connections (those who read Maaya’s blog, use remote healing and goods) to Maaya Village.

The end.

From Maaya’s JP blog on October 12 2016

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