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Return From Hell

Hello, everyone.
Last week, “Remote Ku Healing!” was held in Japan. You can take the healing from September. 😉
Maaya’s “Ku Healing” will fix your vibrations.
Human beings generate vibrations continuously, and usually they can’t control their vibrations. Therefore, it‘s troublesome.

It’s a personal matter, but owing to Maaya Village I could return from hell.(^^;
Previously, I used to try to fill things what I didn’t have and worry about the uncertain future even though I was blessed with food and work.
It’s not bombastic that once when we fall in a hell by some chance (but the trigger/cause is inside), it’s hard to get out of it like Darth Vader in Star Wars and Loki in Thor. Then, the day will become commonplace every day. There are causes within ourselves, and “Ku Healing” is good to fix our inside. I hope you will take the healing once while you are alive.
Why? I believe you don’t want to be in a loop forever being hooked by trauma or darkness like a movie, “Inception”. It’s like a hellhole.

Below is a blog Maaya published on a healing day. She described the law of the universe and vibrations. Please read it.

Today is healing day-Vibration-

In my seminar on July 8, I said a condition as “Hungry condition”. In other word, it us “Fall into hell” Actually, when one is in the condition, it’s hard to get out of it. There were several people in the condition among those came to Maaya Village, and I saved them from darkness.

I am writing this imaging faces who could prevent from losing body and mental health, credit from family and people, and ruining their own lives.

After all, in this universe one’s inside reveals outside. This law is absolute. No matter one says great thin, has a lot of knowledge or great qualifications, if one’s inside is erroneous, the phenomenon occurs to one is still strange.
What should we fix to make the phenomenon great is “Vibration”.
If one’s vibration is fixed (there are detox period, and in the period you may feel it’s not fixed, but please don’t worry), everything will be fixes such as one’s physical condition, mental and brain condition, financial and work.

When I see or touch a human being, I don’t see his or her family standing, education, work history, ability, looks or fortune. Because these are not factors of being happy in the universe.


I feel vibration.  Vibration can’t tell lies or describe something in exaggerated terms such as “artificial smile”, “empty compliment” or “boast”. Human beings can’t control vibration, so there is no lie in vibration and vibration shows only truth.

Vibration reveals various things such as: What mind condition, mental condition, view life, how they see this world and others and what extent of spirit they are living.

Vibration tells many things to me. I will send high dimensional energy, vibration (information) to you in Japan to fix your vibration tonight.

Even they looks happy, if their vibration are strange, they are having hard time now or at least their future will be dark.

From Maaya’s JP blog on August 23 2017

The earth ascended last April. You are feeling the speed of projection of inside is accelerated, aren’t you? In a movie, “Inception”, they try to seed a small seed (idea) to a person and change his life.

One small seed changes everything. If the seed is not favorable for you? It’s scary that we, normal human beings don’t know what kind of seeds were planted until they sprout.  Maaya Village is researching these things as well.

You can apply “Ku healing” which Maaya does from here ⇒