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An instant face lift up and reducing pain of body?

If gray hair and eyesight are gene, and if we can go against gene, that would be great!

Lifting up the face…is also great!

It is said that Japanese looks young for one’s age, but actually there are many women who take care over their appearances and take care of face and body. Several years ago “美魔女”(Bimajo) [new word] (age-defying woman) was trending. Personally,  I would like to  be a mature woman appropriate for my age (inside and outside), but a white hair stands out among black hair, so when I find it I mind it. 😥

Ku Healing is said to be effective to lifting up one’s face and reduction of pain of body. You will be able to take the remote healing from September and apply for it from August. 1. 🙂

You can read email from who took the remote healing below (Maaya’s blog published on February 2016). Please refer to it.

My face has been lifted up and a pain disappeared.

Dear Maaya, Shin,

Thank you for the wonderful event!

Because I had been in great environment for long time there, after the event I felt my body and mild was like after Reborn program.

When I went to back to home I found that my face had been lifted up!
(The day before I l looked myself in a mirror carefully, so I could notice the change)

Yes, it happens.
Great quality of high dimensional energy will fill out “vital energy”, and those who are connected with the energy for long time of often are young physically.

Regardless of gene: such as parents have gray hairs, skin is, eyes are…
They go against gene.

They are less likely to have gray hairs and aged eyes.
They can maintain brighter skin.
Remote Ku Healing has such effects.

Therefore, if you would like to be always beauty and young, connecting with true high dimensional energy is the best.

If you are lack of energy, you age faster.


Actually, my throat hurt since two days before the seminar, and even I took a medicine it didn’t cure and it hurts still on the day. I was talking that “My throat hurts and can’t talk, but I am talkative usually, so it’s fine”

However, when I arrived there, I forgot that, and I talked too much ( Sorry for other attendees)

Then, after Ku Healing, the hurt has gone clearly! Even though medicine couldn’t improve it.


This time there were many feedback: pain has gone.

After all, vital energy filled them, and they change to energetic and youthful direction.

I believe so, and the healing was awesome.


MV would like to cause miracle from now on as well. Please you also perform a miracle by this remote healing.

Best regards,


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 11 2016