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It’s hard to get information on one’s family-tree #5

Even if it is just one human’s notions, repressed feelings and information, it contains a substantial amount of mass energy.

(If you have the ability to sense energy or Empath, you can imagine it.)

In a family line, the notions, repressed feelings, and information of hundreds and thousands people are accumulated in your family name, tree system and DNA.


This is the result of an experiment.

Things that grandfather mice experience were recorded in his descendant mouse’s DNA, even though the descendant never met the grandfather mouse.

So, the mouse is programmed to be scared by what the grandfather experienced


We, human beings are the same.


We can also say that:

・One can be influenced by behaviors of adults who raised them.

・A mother’s condition when she was pregnant.

・Influence when a mother gave a birth.

But earlier problems have already been programmed in one’s DNA.

This has been proven by the latest science.

I told this in MV 宇宙寺子屋(Seminar) quite some time ago.


If we replace it in us, human beings….


What did your grandfather (ancestor) experience?

What kind of feelings did he continue to hold?

What patterns of thoughts did he build?

What conscious dimension did he have?

What was his perception about money?

What happened in his relationships?

What happened in his work?

Did he experience wars?

Did he experience poverty?

Did he deceive people?

Forced a double suicide?

Sold himself?

Did he become a guarantor and was burdened with huge debts?

Did he bankrupt his company?

He declared bankruptcy?

Did he have an accident.

Was he a victim of a murder?

Did he dirty his hands in a crime?

Was he a 極道(Gokudo in Japanese, a gangster)?

Was he the one who started a religion?

Did unbelievable troubles follow him?

Was he into a religion and lost all his property and family?

Did he suffer damage from a big disaster?

Did he experience the worst marriage life?

Did she(your ancestor) agonize over her husband’s affair?

Was he/she troubled with their family’s debts?

Did he/she have a gambling addiction?

Was he/she dependent on drugs?

Did he/she divorce?

Did your ancestors have trust issues after being betrayed?

As a result, did your ancestors hold a grudge until the day they died?


Did your ancestors die hating this world, their own parents, a mother in law or their own husband?

Did your ancestors die believing that they had no luck with money, that they were pathetic who couldn’t do well no matter what they did?

Did they live thinking that living was hard and dying was better?

Did she die thinking that: Women are disadvantaged, being a wife is like being a slave?

Did he/she(your ancestors) live and die thinking that money and success are what only a small handful of individuals can gain? Did they think that it was impossible for an ordinary person such as themselves?

There must be ancestors who were weak (sickly)

Also, I think that there are many ancestors who had mental disorders or intractable diseases.

There are ancestors who committed suicide.

Your ancestors might be 戦国武将(Busho in Japanese. A military commander).

(It’s actual case: A person who was a character in NHK TV drama “真田丸(Sanadamaru in Japanese. His family tree energy is dreadful! Yes, he had various things … Without saying, the level of Grave Card was high)


What did ancestors who are in your upper stream experience in their lives?


“Card for Grave” shuts off only negative information in your DNA, which contains a record of our ancestors’ experiences.

(The information in the family tree also exists in the information world, but I have explained it as “DNA” so that you can understand it easily.)

The point is:

The card cuts off the things that is causing your life to be dull, heavy, slow, unhappy and troublesome. Also, it blocks the things which makes your life poor and unprogressive.

FYI, a product I like the best is “Card for Grave“.


This card has made it possible for me to have a life that is opposite to my parents and ancestors.

I think “High Dimensional 風水(Feng Shui)” is the second important. .


By setting this, my work and income have skyrocketed.

Also, the health of my brain and skin has improved dramatically.

(Of course” “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” is the first product which changed my life and it is the basic)

After all, if your brain and body receives negative waves through family lineages and the ground, your effort won’t be rewarded, luck goes against you, your life will be undistinguished and eventually die down.


Therefore, regarding these two products, having experienced the change in my life and condition with these two products, I have a deep attachment to these two products.
Also, I would like to tell people about the products, to those who are determined those who think “I will change my life”



Regarding “High Dimensional Feng Shui”, I also need to confront the “huge energy” of one’s own ground, so producing the Feng Sui product is hard.

Therefore, only those who determined that “I will change my life!” can see the product. This is a system.


The chance to write the blog and create “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation”, “Card for Grave“ and “High Dimensional Feng Shui” was for myself at first.


I couldn’t have a normal childhood and life has been so painful for me because I felt too much energy since I was a little girl.

My blog and products were shared and spread to people like sharing a gift.

It made what we are today– Maaya Village.


The quality of my life has changed drastically with the two products.

Of course, so did Shin’s.

I would like to provide these important products to whom can make good feelings in relationship, bright and cool people who are living with their own principles only.


There is a limit in our life-time.


I think it’s fine to choose what people I have relationship and create my own life meeting what kind of people.


I hope this “Ultimate MV product” will reach to you who have connections with MV.


The end.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 17 2017