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Transcend own ancestors! #2

She’s a completely different person!

What a big change!!


Another person who was in our room for the brain treatment noticed the difference soon.

The lady spoke with wide eyes.

“Mmm? Her atmosphere is totally different! Her face is different. Did she lose weight? The shape of her face is oval…”


Yes, it’s a sudden change!


Yes, she looked like she lost 3~5 kg.


However, she said: ” No, actually I gained weight”.


Also, her eyes also changed!


Her eyes had always no aspirations and heavy as if she was floating.


This time, her eyes are settled, clear and wise-like.


“Eyes show the condition of one’s brain.
As negative information and energy of her family-line were arranged, her head started to work well.
So far the energy bulge had been caused by a strange energy in her family-line, and her face swelled”.


She said:

“Since I placed a card for a grave, I am very energetic!”
(Until that, I had been always feeling sluggish and easy to be tired)
“Now I can go out on holidays! I can stand much strain! “


She had been connected to heavy information and hold heavy thought and received bad quality of family line energy, and she had lived with heavy brain and body for decades.


This time she could start full-fledged family tree arrangement, and she was released from “binding of negativity”.  That’s why she is enjoying what she couldn’t so far.


It’s great!


If she didn’t take the action, she would have been sluggish, continued have heavy feelings and body, no motivation, her emotional ups and downs would have been erratic, continuation of slump until she dies .
Also, even if she thought over, only poor answers would come out and people and work she would meet would be poor quality.


Finally she must have realized that her thoughts, body, life and fortune changed when the energy and information of her family tree was fixed.


Well, as she was on the way to the full-fledged family tree arrangement, I think she started to realize it and started to have high hopes.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 2 2017