Daily Archives: 2017-04-27

A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #7

On April 3rd, this world will shift to new dimension, band and stratum, and it will be a withe a new system activates.

How to live after April 3rd.

  • Please continue to live by following the advice I wrote before.(#5 and #6). If possible, please continue to that till you die. (laugh), but actually I’m serious.
  • Please let go of your attachments to partner, family, job, money, position, body and objects. Then, please live focusing on invisible things such as words in your head, thoughts, notion, consciousness and feelings. If possible, please continue that till you die. Consequently, it will lead to a great life you can get everything you want easily.
  • Please live giving first priority to fixing your family-trees, land, thoughts, energy, information and vibration.  This is what the MV has always said.
  • This will lead to being able to live happy, rich and healthy on this earth which shifted, high dimensional zone, favorable stratum and fine vibration directly.


・It’s fine to give this information to your familyif they can understand it. However, please don’t inform family members that don’t understand. Please put the advice into practice yourself. Here is an important point, so please listen to it carefully. :Please don’t terrify your family.  That is a characteristic of people who are preferable to the new earth, dimension, band and system.

・It’s the same to your friends and acquaintances. Please don’t tell people that don’t understand it.  Some people speaks proudly or assert they are superior right after they obtain this mystic power or information.  Please don’t think like, “your consciousness is low”, “you’re heavy” or “your understanding is superficial,” because such people are apt to drop out. So be careful.


To be continued.