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A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #5

By the way, for those who are already aware of this information please be sure to put it into practice.

From April 3rd, a new system will activate in which the earth will move to new dimension, band and stratum; it is a new world.

From now on, in order that you can move and live in the new dimension, band and stratum and not fall off, please practice as instructed.
(Note: this content is important even after April 3rd. Therefore, we disclose it here)


  • Please consider that all things that happen to you are your responsibility and you are the cause.
  • When things don’t go well, please don’t blame your parents, partner, children, society, time, company, boss, neighborhood, friend, acquaintances, luck, money, accident.
  • Please be aware that all lucky things happening to you are because of what others do, not what you do. Please don’t be over sure of your talent, ability and power.
  • Please don’t have thoughts, words and actions which drag down others from achieving success: discontent and grumbling, complaint, abuse, jealousy.
  • Please stop playing at the heroine of the tragedy: “Why only am I unfortunate?” In the world, there are many people in unfortunate circumstance who live healthier, being rich in heart and being attractive.
  • Please listen to what those who are doing well, living happier and richer, wiser than you say genuinely. “Stubborn” means who is “stupid” and “ignorant”.
  • Please don’t be poisoned by the public value.
    e.g.) Jobs which have Saturday and Sunday off is best. I am glad about Premium Friday [It’s a measure Japan government and Japan Business Federation prompts. Firms to encourage to leave employee early on the last Friday of every month].
    I would like more paid vacations. I’d rather not to work. Working is labor.
    I am working and I am the one to be squeezed by company.
    I would like to earn more money slacking off my job. Working is not interesting action to earn my living only. I do my favorite things and stressed out in hobby. Life doesn’t go well. Times are bad (recession). It seems that the pollen count is high this year, so I have to prepare for it. etc.

To be continued.