Daily Archives: 2017-04-21

A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #4

However, until around February, there was some bridges between two bands.

Therefore, those who were already in new dimensional and favorable band could extend a helping hand to those who were not in the band.


Actually, the end of 2016 and the beginning of this year, I shook several people up: those who were about to go back to old dimension and band.


However, from this April, two bands can’t consort together by all means.


Yes, this March was the forks which band you live in.


At the final timing, Mr. David Rockefeller, one of the symbolic of a dimension, band and stratum which had covered the earth for long time, passed away.

In Japan, it’s rumored that this year the emperor would change.

It may be time for everything to become new.


Actually, there were such times before.

However, why I am writing such thing for the first time…
Yes. It means that this flow and decision are incomparably bigger and stronger than the previous time.

“We had waited a long time for you and given you chances many times. Give me a break! This is a last chance!”

I can hear such a message.


Therefore, it will probably be a sharper road for those who has stopped in previous dimension, band and stratum to crawl up than ever before.


There were many chances to crawl up before.

MV could support those who had a chance to meet us and had an ear for our advice.

However, I wonder if I will be able to do that from now on?

Even if I can do, I think it will require more energy.


I think MV’s main role will be to take those who live in a new dimension, a favorable vibe, to a yet more wonderful world.


To be continued.