Daily Archives: 2017-04-18

A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #3

Maaya Village has continued to say “let’s move to a band which is different from ordinary, unhappy band.


Let me show you a situation of those who stays in the unhappy field, from last year to this year, and even now.


A woman couldn’t change herself even 1 mm. Also she couldn’t change her own view point which she continued to hold from the past, even by 1 mm.
She believed that she is not bad and all the bad things that happened were because of things and others, other than herself.

I had helped her for free every time she had trouble.

She had several illnesses and had no families, relatives and friends she could depend on.

Also, she has parents who live far away and need care.
She has no friends she can open up with because she is not good at communicating.
Further, she does not have enough money.
In addition to that, because of her stubbornness and crankiness, she must change jobs every few months.
Every single company she has worked at has gone bankrupt. Nothing has worked out.

However, she started not to be able to listen to the advices from those who lived in different band from hers.

Regardless of her bad situation, she started to complain that “she is right”.

When she got advises which was inconvenient for her and high IQ’s justice, she said “life is hard” and run away.

It seemed that by any means she would like to look away from that: “the causes are in her”, “there are wrong programs in her” and “there are things which she should fix in herself”.


When the band or stratum they live in is different, we can’t be on the same wavelength no matter what we make effort. Such phenomena has occurred remarkably from the beginning of this year.

From now on, surely and clearly bands and stratum will be divided into two.


To be continued.