Daily Archives: 2017-04-15

A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #2

Let me continue to explain it in a different way.


The advancement of earth’s dimension doesn’t mean that your dimension will be advanced automatically.


Only those who have prepared in advance can follow the changes of the earth


Those who haven’t fixed themselves and those who have tried to fix themselves but failed can’t advance automatically.


Such a “too good to be true” thing does not exist in the earth and universe.


Regarding what will happen to those who can’t keep up with changes in the Earth dimension, yes, deeper darkness is waiting for them now.

Unhappy things may happen one after the other.

I’d say that it is hard to live in the new system for those who are used to and continue to use the old one.


Such negative things started to occur last Fall, and have continued strongly into February.

Still the force hasn’t stopped yet.


Let me tell you about one or two things that happened around me.


To be continued.