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A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #1

Please note that:

  1. Maaya Village had avoided giving fear to human beings. We will continue to hold this posture.
    Therefore, please understand that this information is not to terrify you.
    Please let there be no misunderstanding about this.
    This is important information which I would like to share those who have bridges to Maaya Village, so with the understanding, please keep reading.
  1. This content is an extract of which was delivered to MV executive members on March 28 2017, and was retouched.

It seemed like the MV was making a noise.

I started writing this blog in February 2009, and this kind of notice to you is the first time.


Well, I guess there are many people who would like to jump to a conclusion: “What is that?”

So, let me tell you the conclusion.


Simply put: “The earth shifts” (Please don’t think this is fluffy spiritualism.)

Then, hearing it, how many people are there who said “I’m glad”?

Yes, excuse me? Now you are glad, aren’t you?


I started writhing this blog in 2009, and from the beginning I have said “You are the center of your universe”.


I think there are few people who fully understand.


“You are the center of your universe” means that: because you are the center of your universe, what happens to you and where you stand are all your responsibility.

The causes of all the phenomena are in you.

You created everything.
There is nobody else. : What happens to you, people who are approaching to you, whether or not you have a partner, your health condition, your mental condition, surrounding work, success or failure in your job, your financial situation are all of your own making.


The advancement of earth dimensions is that: true laws (The Universal Law, The Law of High Dimensional World and The High Abstract Law) will become more obvious.


Namely, your inside will instantly reflect your outside.

Those who have “managed to hold on” so far, won’t be able to continue to do that.


No matter what great teaching and words you know, no matter what great things you speak and no matter how you pretend to understand, in a high-dimensional world “your true self” will be uncovered (realized).

You can neither hide nor run away.


If you don’t truly fix your inside, and as long as there are falsehoods in your inside, it will be you who gets into hot water.


To be continued.