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A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017-seminar-

We have decided hold the second seminar for MV executive members on April 22. 2017 urgently.

The theme is “What ascension is(MaayaVillagewise) – future world and what to do-“.

Are you aware of it?

I notified MV executive members of it on March 28th, on a site that only members have access to.
Actually, ascension started in the fall last year, and from the beginning of this year the power is getting stronger.
We are in the middle of drastic changes now.

As if black and white were reversed and dimension advanced one more, the invisible world is working intensely.


That is probably significantly influencing your consciousness, thoughts and actions.
It’s fine to stay in the old world, and it’s fine to be a resident of the new world.
It’s up to your consciousness.

MV has given a “passport to be in a resident of the new world” to all the people who participated in our activities.

In coming seminar, we will tell you how to use the passport, how to live in the new world and what happened in the invisible world.




  • What will become of the world after ascension?
  • How should we live in the world after ascension?
  • What happened during those two days?
  • 幽界(YUKAI, it’s a one world in which dead people go and stay) opened fully! Then people became like this.
  • “bonus”: Automatic writing and low-level spiritual energy.
  • Roads divided into two in the fall, 2016
  • Phenomena which we can’t encounter and we can’t be on the same wavelength no matter what we do.


Day and time: Saturday, April 22. 13:00-16:00PM.

Place: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Fee: 30,000yen.

Eligible attendees: MV executive member.

*sold out