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A new system (genuine ascension) was activated on April 3, 2017 #8

I have been transmitting information outside since February, 2009.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I had never written this kind of information officially.
Even though I had the information, I avoided conveying it. Because, those who only understand superficially and those who have a low level of consciousness are afraid of everything.
Therefore, I had informed it to MV executive members only, and not publish it by my blog where anybody can read.
Because I believe that they are not being controlled by animal emotions, they can think calmly using their head, and they have already evolved out of public values. Are you all right?

(Note: I believe that those who found this site understands the contents to a certain degree, so I am sharing it with those who are not MV members here)


Last fall, I have noticed an enormous change of symptoms from experience.

When I socialized with people I noticed that they were resistant to new dimensions, negatives, stratum and systems intensely.  They tried to go back to old patterns which they are more familiar with.

Shin and I often said each other that “Finally the time of tremendous change came. Finally, roads will be divided into two”.

I informed those who had connections to MV of it is in MV sessions.

From the beginning of 2017, I have dedicated to such activities.

I think especially February and March were the points in time when it happens.


Sharing this information to an unspecified large number of people may be misleading. Also, I was concerned about if this may lead to “meddling”, if it means ignore your “free will” and “soul power “ you are gifted. That’s why I had avoided conveying this information. Thank you for your understanding.


However, the time is approaching, so I decided to share the information to those who have connections to MV [I think those who found this article have a connection as well].


To be continued.