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“Remote Brain Treatment” Brains tell you! Listen to the voice of your brains!-3-

Also, in (Remote)Brain Treatment and Remote Healing, it flows to parts which doesn’t work well.
Therefore, they may feel pain or feel something wrong temporarily about parts got stuck up or not functioning well.


I think those who do aerobic exercise know that: when parts which have bad blood flow and oxygen hasn’t reached well, works well, the parts feel discomfort temporarily.

From a wife who applied “MV 厄落とし[MV YAKU-Otoshi. Special art on Dec. 31 last year] for her husband secretly.

“When YAKU-Otoshi started, he started to sleep saying that his stomach hurt. However, it seemed that he was refreshed. 😆 ”

I heard that the husband had weak intestine.

From the other wife:

Her husband overtaxes his brain usually for difficult work and operation by computer.
His head, eyes, neck and shoulder must have been tired.

As expected…

“When it started, he started to sleep saying headache. But later, he was very fine as if nothing happened 😀 ”



Case 4:

Phenomena when they take good quality and high dimensional energy in Brain Treatment.

“Thank you as always.

After the brain treatment, I think something heavy has gone.

Thank you so much”


“Yes, there is the possibility!” 😆

In Japan, we have an expression” 憑き物が憑く・落ちた”[ evil spirits possess/ dispossess].
The phenomena is the expression exactly.

When we are in the condition “evils spirits possessed”, your life won’t go up easily.


Maaya Village continues to our search for your comfortable “brain” life.

Brains recognize the world.
It means that if your brain condition and functions are not good, the quality of your life itself declines.

The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 18 2017