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Special bath salt for you from Japan!

We will deliver special bath salt for you on special day to convey your lovely message from Japan!

It’s Valentine’s day this week.

Also, soon it will be cherry blossom season in Japan.

Are you men preparing cards and flower for your wives, girlfriends or those who have helped you?

In Japan, we have adopted the European and American holiday of Valentine’s day and adapted it to our unique culture.

Women give chocolates and love messages to men in Japan!

Women give chocolates to men with love messages in Japan! Are you surprised?

Nowadays, it is common to give presents to our friends or treat ourselves by giving ourselves gifts.

Maaya Village introduces wonderful bath salt on Valentine day, 14th!.


◆Maaya’s original blended 桜(SAKURA) bath salt

We blended 桜[Sakura, Cherry blossoms] and Himalaya rock salt.

In addition to that波動[Hado in Japanese, vibes, wave motion] which removes Jaki[something of ghost, evil spirits] has been copied to the bath salt!


How about this bath salt for your important person or yourself to treat yourself?

This is seasonal bath salt, so we appreciate it if you place an order at your early


We will upload it on our online shop on Tue. Feb. 14 at 9:00PM Japan time.

(China: Feb. 14 at 8:00PM/New York Feb. 14 at 7:00AM/San Francisco at 4:00AM/ Berlin at 1:00PM/New Delhi at 5:30PM/ London at 12:00PM/Paris at 1:00PM)


Shop is from here ↓↓


Let us explain the bath salt a little bit.

Limited item for spring

☆Maaya’s original blended 桜(SAKURA) bath salt☆

Bath salt specialized for expelling evil and Jaki
[邪気 in Japanese, malicious spirit] , woman’s rejuvenation and to improve your luck!

Bath time is the time to reset energy (negative information)
Clearing Jaki, something of ghost and electrification, and purging and purifying vibes[波動, Hado in Japanese] and energy will lead to improving your luck, a good quality of sleep, and improving your growth hormone and female hormone!

Also, you can expect rejuvenation, beautiful skin and hair and dietary benefits.

———<桜(SAKURA in Japanese. Cherry blossoms)—————
In Japan, since ancient times it has been considered that SAKURA has the strong power of “protecting from evils” and “expelling evils”
Also, in spring, we have an occasion which is called “Hinamatsuri [Doll’s festival]” to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. 左近の桜[Sakonno Sakura in Japanese. A cherry tree from at the left side of the main palace of the Heian Imperial Court] is displayed beside the doll.
Also, it’s said that the scent has the effect of purging gloomy feelings and providing stability to the body and mind.
Sakura has clean and beautiful flower language “beauty of the spirit”, “graceful female” and “noble”.
Sakura bath salt is good for both girls and adult women.

◆We recommend to

・Those who use PC and smartphone every day or for long time.
・Those who feel itchy when you use PC or smartphone.
・Those who get tired soon when you go out.
・Those who get depressed easily.
・Those who get tired at the end of a day.
・Those who always do negative thinking.
・Those who are easily irritated.
・Those who can’t fall asleep easily.
・Whose sleep quality is bad.
・Whose hair and skin condition is not good
・Those who eat too much.
・Those who are tend to be addicted to sweets, alcohol and cigarette.
・Those who don’t take care of oneself usually.
・Those who are obsessed by something ghost easily.

・Those who feel bad physically in a place something heavy or when you meet a certain person.
・Whose job is massage or related to beauty and touch others’ bodies.
・Those who would like to give a present to oneself who is working hard always.
・Those who would like to reduce stress piled up in a day within the night of the day, and avoid carrying out the stress to the next day.


◆Some feedback

・Every time I took a bath I used the salt for my knee, which a disease was located in a hospital, then, my knee got be lighter! Now no pain at all. That is strange even for me myself!

・When I rub it into a part of my body which feels unwell, it get be lighter unbelievably!
(It works only in case that it’s bad shape because of energy and informationally. Of course, bad shape may because of physical factor, so please take an examination or treatment in a medical institution)

・I gave it to my friend who was a light sleeper, she was pleased: “I could sleep till the morning!”

・I washed myself with hot water including the salt, something gloomy was removed completely!

・My skin condition gets great when I take a salt bath!

・When my feeling and body got heavy because of crowd of people, I took a salt bath, then I felt lighter!


We will upload it on our online shop on Tue. Feb. 14 at 9:00PM Japan time.

(China: Feb. 14 at 8:00PM/New York Feb. 14 at 7:00AM/San Francisco at 4:00AM/ Berlin at 1:00PM/New Delhi at 5:30PM/ London at 12:00PM/Paris at 1:00PM)



We will wait for you at our shop.

We hope your valentine’s day will be great one.


With big Love from Japan. 😉