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The causes of unhappy? phenomena 1

What is called happiness/unhappiness may be up to you, but the following may be which you think it is unhappy generally.

・You can’t get money even one want.

・You can’t obtain good occupation or work environment even you want.

・Somehow your life is gray and stormy and unstable life even you want smooth sailing.

・You would like to meet a wonderful partner gets along with you and obtain stable and joyful life, but you can’t.

・You have a disease which is difficult to recover from wherever you go to hospitals and whatever you tried to treatments.



“4 causes of human being’s problems”, I mentioned are:

       1.Family tree is the cause.

       2.Past life (soul) is the cause.

       3.Surrounding /Ground is the cause.

       4.Trauma is the cause.


Then, I think it seems that they have such unhappy problems are attributable to 1. Family tree.


Also, I didn’t mention here, but I would like to add 5. ADM is the cause, actually.

This ADM is the one of the causes of human being’s problems.


Regarding what ADM is, I don’t dare to explain in the blog!

Please read this sounds like a character of Japanese popular TV drama, 大門未知子(Ms. Michiko Daimon. Not demon. 😉 ).


For instance, I think whether you can find marriage partner or not is

  1.Family tree is the cause,

 rather than

  2.Surrounding/Ground and 3. Trauma.


Well, I feel whether you can have a child or not is, the cause is 1. Family tree.

(Sometimes the cause is 5. ADM

 I think so seeing MV clients.



When they fix family tree (family line’s information) by MV,

phenomena like that occurs often:

Her marriage has been decided right away which she had wished for a long time and remained unrealized.

After marriage, she couldn’t have a child for years, and she wished have kids, then she was blessed with children soon.



One day, I met an acquaintance.


Both of her family lines on the spear side and maternal side are heavy.


I sensed the weight of her family lines, like that, the family lines are very heavy.


Incidentally, a ADM which makes her below is adhered to her.

・Who are not comfortably fixed with money or job.

・Who have fear.

・Who have unhappy events and out of luck one way or another.


If you have the ADM,

no matter how hard you work and acquire knowledge and wisdom by reading books and attending seminars, things don’t go well.


I am not going to deprive or your hopes at all, but from me, have lived in energy and informational world over the decades since I was a little girl, it’s a matter of course.


If you don’t fix your information and energy side, your reality and phenomena won’t change.

Information and energy side is really intensive.

Just you don’t sense it, but I can perceive it firmly.

From a human being whose brain, body, mind and life is heavy, the similar heavy information and energy is hanging in the air.


By the way,




The energy of family line is which the information of thousands, ten thousands of human beings piled up for hundreds and thousands of years.


It is impossible for a human being to change 5 year’s, 10 year’s, 20 year’s information by own consciousness power and energy, definitely.


Enemies are too big, too strong and too intense.

(It is another story if you could have true awakening and an experience of enlightenment fortunately)


Let me introduce a part of message from who fixed 1. Family tree.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 15 2016