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The causes of unhappy? phenomena 2

In case that the cause of unhappy phenomena is family tree(family tree’s information)


Dear Maaya,


This is XX.


I am contacting you to apply for a program cuts my husband’s ADM!!


It’s been almost two years since Maaya had cut my ADMs; I don’t have any luck at all!

If anything, there are many cases that I was saved and great timing, and I haven’t met unfortunate things for a while.


However, seeing my husband, he has a lot of bad luck!



Yes, right!

If you have neither brain problem nor trauma: unhappy phenomena continue to occur, please doubt ADM.


The “Cutting ADM” is an opportunity that I improved largely who had developmental disorder and schizophrenia.


Since then, she can have a normal life as normal people have suddenly.


Until that, she had full of unhappy events.

She had spent a life with big problems in a parent-child relation, human relation, job, money, health…


It seems that my husband felt something wrong with his life.

Though my ADMs have been cut, I feel his ADM’s influence around him is continuing, so I hope his ADMs will leave from our home as soon as possible!



To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 15 2016