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Adults with developmental disorders” True story! An omen!”-2-

Hearts of adults with developmental disorders are filled with trouble.


There are many cases that they don’t know the cause of their sufferings is developmental disorder.


As far as I experienced, good direction starts from knowing their own developmental disorders by themselves.


Even if they had thought they had believed that the didn’t have problems within themselves and others had problems, by knowing features of developmental disorders they can start to take care of themselves.


When I talked with a person, she said “They don’t realize it?”


“Of course they don’t.

Not being able to realize it is the developmental disorders.

A function of monitoring oneself is___.

Therefore, there are many cases that others are swayed and have a great deal of trouble.

Therefore, that the person realize own developmental disorders is the first step to improve.

They blame all troubles to others, because they don’t realize it.

Then, there are many people who have big and big inferiority complexes from the conflicts and evaluations.

The inferiority complex turns into their prides appear.

There are many adults with developmental disorders who have prides.

※I don’t know the cases of those who accepted it when they are children or their parents knew it.
What I am talking about now is adults whose developmental disorders were overlooked when she or he was a child.


I have faced “developmental disorders” for more than three years and six months, and this is my thoughts.


There are ADHD, Asperger, Autism Spectrum, ASD and LD in developmental disorders. Actually I hold sessions or work with those who have several symptoms.


Especially, when we work together, we can know what “developmental disorders” are and “each features”.

Then, there are two common in the developmental disorders.


Today, let me introduce one.


According to my observation, almost certainly bad communication will be produced when you communicate with them.


We explain like that in sessions.

Also, specialist said in the show

Seventy percent of our, human beings’, communications is nonverbal.
Such as, facial expression, tone of voice and gesture, and so on.
However, people with developmental disorders can’t read them.

※I am writing this remembering the TV show, so it may be different a little bit.


Yes, that’s right.

When I faced people with developmental disorders I realized that I had an ability to read the seventy percent, which reads nonverbal parts since I was a girl.

I haven’t thought of it because the ability is too normal, so I felt something awed to the function of brain for the first time.


“My brain has the fine function. If it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t be here today.

Ms./Mr Brain, you are great and thank you so much!

Owing to you, I could have this life.”


I used to have such feelings.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 9 2017