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Magic sheets “Realizing wishes” featuring Lunar New Year-3

Continuing from previous blog.


From then, one made an effort to be looked beautiful moderately.


Coworkers :

“Your makeup and dress are great! You’re more beautiful than before. Your beauty and happiness increased!”


Your customers:

“Your atmosphere has changed? You have a boyfriend? Your aura is different”


They said something like that.


Around the time.

one got a call from one’s old friend.

“Hi, I was looking at old album and found you and wondering if you are fine.

So I am calling you. How’s going lately? Well how about dinner with my friend?

“Ah, I will go dinner with you”


In the dinner.

(See. You can guess 😉 )


A male of one’s friend caught sight of shining and beautiful one.


Then, they looked each other.

At that moment, the song started to be played.




If you are the generation which don’t know the song!please


 At the first, it started to from a shocking remark by a coworker.


At the point, if one was depressed, got sulky or hated the coworker, the happy ending would had never come.


Even one watched a hanging advertisement in a train, one would thought:

“No, no thank you. It’s nuisance. I am fine polishing only my inside. Outside doesn’t have to be polished so much.

(though I wonder if one can improving inside well.)

As I wished in MV, so I had better be calm without doing anything.

I hope a partner will show up suddenly.

Well, today I don’t go out anywhere and will read comics at home”


Like this, in one didn’t grasp a chance and didn’t take an action, the ending didn’t come.


After we spread your wishes in invisible world, some information comes.


Grasping the information without missing is your work.


Lunar New Year is Jan. 28 in 2017

The application due is Jan. 29 at 0:00AM (Japan Time)


I hope you wish something wonderful.


The end.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 21 2017