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Magic sheets “Realizing wishes” featuring Lunar New Year-1

Today I taught “how to think in order to live strongly and well in  society, mental preparation and how to manage when problems occur” to some people.


More simply, this can be called, “how to achieve goals.” I wrote on the blog before.

However, this “how to achieve your goals” is down to earth and limited only to situations in which you have a partner.



It only works in in situations like this:

There is the person who has troubled you.

There is the person who commits an injustice against you.

There is the person who wastes your precious time.

There is the person who blames own anxiety on others: because when they have to face their own inferiority complex they are afraid of accepting it and confronting it.

There is the person who complains to you decorating words like, that the person don’t have low level issues, and already solved them. The person’s issues are very complicated and high level.

 There is the person who has the obligation to pay you money, but hasn’t paid you yet.

 There is the person who uses your things without your permission regardless of it is illegal.

There is the person who tries to depend on you, and when you start to break up with him/her, he/ she comes to your place. There is no knowing what he/she will do next.



However, also, human beings wish:

One would like to meet great dentist.

One would like to a specialist who solves your physical problem.

One would like to meet psychic who solves your cause of the unhappiness.

One would like to meet capable tax accountant.

One would like to meet wonderful partner.

One would like to meet staff who is honesty, healthy, smart and works hard.

One would like to meet infant education which brings out the potential of one’s children.

One would like to meet a trainer who knows one’s body with a lot of specialized knowledge and experience.

One would like to meet a company where corporate culture is suitable to one and one can work with joy.



MV’s new year, lunar new year and Tanabata(七夕/the Star Festival) special magic sheets is good at realizing one’s wishes:

Like spreading what one hasn’t met yet into invisible and informational world like a spider weaving its web, and attract a human being, thing, circumstance one wished.


I have observed and things have realized like that:,

Since one wished, various meetings and movements occurred,
and those lined together and let one meet what one wished.


To be continued.
From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 10 2017