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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-11-

A Happy New Year! Thank you for everything in 2016! Also, thank you for YAKU-Otoshi!


 YAKU-Otoshi for XX is a secret for XX.  I saw my sister was XXXXXing at 23:55PM(laugh)  Wow!! I thought black ADM had been cut already thinking of the time(11:55PM), so her XXXXXing is because of brain XXXXXXXX. XX was XXXXing during the New Year’s holiday.  It’s good for me that calmly I could think that it’s XXXXX disorder.
XXXXX was saying that “XX is like a XXXXXXX”. (I thought that yes, XX is XXXXX disorder in my mind)


I think if the information and energy of family-tree is too harsh, and brain wave and repressed feelings of parents are too much hard, the first kid is influenced very much.

If younger kid is more sensitive than elder kid, the kid may have a rough time….


XX took the MV art for the first time, so I think XX had been connected to considerable unhappy place, ( I am sorry that it might hard for you to cut the place).
Even though XX can’t understand, I hope XX ‘s life get better.
Also, when my repair has done, I hope that XX  has a chance to be repaired. XX’s life must be harsh.

Also, I would like to fix XXX’s family tree this year. (If so, I may be able to feel your remote healing which I haven’t felt yet!)

There is a possibility that information and energy one had been influenced are harsh, one have been ill physically and mentally for long time, can’t perceive subtle information and energy by own sensor. Even if one try to meditate, if there is itchiness or pain on body, one is dragged into physical and mental problems.

I have chances to talk to a psychiatrist. Even a doctor who treats brain sometimes thinks: “ This client’s symptom may be caused by ghosts?”

On the contrary. Maaya, who treats “ghost” which is one of information and energy, thinks sometimes: “This client may have brain disease?”

If it’s by ghost, one should take measures for ghost, and if it’s brain disease, one had better go to hospitals.

When I meet those who have brain disease, I think” you had better see skillful doctors” in my mind.

When the relationship between me and clients who comes to MV has been build up firmly, I can recommend medical examination, but if not…I guess one is resistant to taking medical examination…

However, there are cases that when I thought one was in critical situation I recommended taking medical examination.

Anyway, I wish everyone great health and success in 2017. 😉


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 10 2017