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New stage in 2017 with “MV 厄落とし(YAKU-Otoshi)”-10-

Dear, Maaya and Maaya Village,
A Happy New Year.


☆Regarding MV 厄落し☆
Thank you very much m(_ _)m
It’s great (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))
This time, I purified myself in bath with MV bath salt, and prepared for MV YAKU-Otoshi.

In my case, when I take Remote Healing, I feel my fingers start to tingle, and sometime, I feel a tingling on my feet. However, this time, though I felt my fingers stated to tingle as always, then, I felt force on around my breath and I was rising up, and I had to do deep breath three times because I was stifled.

After while, I could breathe comfortably. Next, I felt pressure on my head. Then, I felt I was separated from the space I was and also, I felt that I was floating in a space nothing there.

I often felt this sensation which I was floating in a space nothing there in your remote healing. Them, I was sleeping and when I woke up it’s was 0:15AM.  I felt that I came back to the home on the earth from different place.  This is the first time I felt like that.

I would like to know whether the force on my breath was repressed feelings or something different. Also, I would like to know if I had black ADM.
Actually, I was unsure about deciding whether to take YAKU-Otoshi or not. However, reading Maaya’s blog I decided to take YAKU-Otoshi.  I am glad that I took YAKU-Otoshi truly.

I was going kick my life down by myself  ((((;゜Д゜)))))))  Your blog and YAKU-Otoshi saved my life.

Thank you so much. m(_ _)m  Today was the first day of starting work in 2017. I could make a great start.  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I am glad that you made a great start. 😛

Now 断捨離(Dan Sha Ri), decluttering things, has been spreading from Japan to other countries.  However, regarding Dan Sha Ri about information and energy, seems that it has not been recognized yet.

In Japan, from ancient times, it has been routed: After exorcise( Reset) unnecessary things like, 邪気(Jaki in Japanese/ malice), 邪霊(Jarei in Japanese/ evil ghost), negative energy, negative feelings and negative information,  be cleaner and lighter own self, and start new self, new year and new things.

If one doesn’t abandon unnecessary things, one will grow fat informationally, and sensibility gets rusty more and more.  Then, the celerity to grasp chances and the sensor to find the goodness of fortune will get rusty.

We, Japanese, first resets unnecessary things once, then starts new-self, new year and new things.

I think that why small Japan might developed. Also, I think that why Japanese spirituality is profound.

I am proud of this culture that Japan can boast to the world.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Jan. 7 2017